Joelle Alexander


Joelle Alexander

Account Coordinator

A champion rider and award-winning public speaker, Joelle is our media department whisperer. She draws from dozens of statewide community service successes and high-pressure arena experiences to herd our many media assets essential to marketing and advertising work. So she’s always at the ready to spur things on, tame the stragglers, and make sure the media gate is latched.


”When I’m with Joelle, I feel like I squandered my youth.”

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Number of years in marketing and advertising: 3

Started at CLM Marketing & Advertising: 2015

Recommended food for thought: "Ladle out love and logic by the boatload. With that cargo, you can take any road. Now grab life, seize time." – The Appeal and The Mindsweep 1 by Enter Shikari

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